Waste Segregation and Minimization programmes


We can assist your organization to come up with the appropriate color coding and supplies for bins required during waste segregation.

USAFIPLUS® can help your organization to design and implement value-driven waste-minimization programs. Our team is also available to work onsite with your staffs to help ensure safe and compliant handling of each waste stream, from the source to the bin. At the customer’s request, your contract can even be structured to provide on-site technicians to package waste properly - thereby minimizing cost and maximizing compliance - before hand-off to treatment and disposal transporters. Finally, we provide tracking documents in accordance with NEMA requirements and best practices.

When waste is disposed of properly, it helps to prevent additional pollution which can improve public health. Polluted air increases the risk of respiratory illness. Waste that is properly disposed of has a lesser chance of getting into the water supply and causing illness.

The following guides are to be used when handling, recycling or disposing of different types of general waste. This means everything from offices, labs, kitchens, libraries etc. which is not treated as clinical, radioactive or hazardous waste.

 Material Disposal/recycling procedure

Mixed Wastepaper–This includes all copier, colour, printer, letterhead, fax paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogues and shredded paper.

NO plastic, whole files, rigid files, laminated or card items.

NO food or crisp packets or other plastic packaging.

Once the recycling boxes/bins etc paper is emptied into white polythene bags please call us for pick up.
Cardboard – Clean, preferably flattened boxes. Other cardboard packaging also accepted Please call us for pick up.
Confidential waste for shredding - papers that are confidential, have personal details, names, addresses or salary details. We recommend shredding of such items before pick-up.
Batteries – Normal dry cell batteries, lead acid, Nickel Cadmium and Lithium We do not deal with these items
Fluorescent Tubes We do not deal with these items
Equipment – Computers and printers and other electrical equipment. We do not deal with these items