Procedures for Application of Incineration Services


We offer only incineration of biomedical waste which includes infectious hospital and laboratory waste, syringes, expired drugs etc. We provide transportation; however, clients should make their own arrangements for transportation.

  • A client should apply for incineration services by writing to the General Manager, Usafiplus Waste Disposal Services.
  • Client will be given 3 copies of The Letter of Offer forms for signatures
  • Give a copy of FORM NEMA/WM/3 to the client
  • The three Letter of Offer (LO) forms MUST be brought back by the client when filled.
  • Put a serial number on the forms when received
  • The three LO forms will be signed by the General Manager
  • Put a Company stamp and give one LO form to the client and 2 forms will remain with the company.