Incineration and Waste Disposal


UsafiPlus® Waste Disposal Services operates an Integrated “Green” Waste Disposal Facility. The facility established in January 2013 after a NEMA Approval Ref NEMA/WM/DA/247 incorporates “Going Green” principles based on sustainability, environment and safety that include recycling, chemical neutralization, preventing pollution and minimizing, as far as it is possible, adverse environmental impacts.

Our “Green” facility receives waste from several hospitals, industries and research Institutions in Nairobi and its environs. The waste materials handled are both non-hazardous and hazardous materials. Non-hazardous materials are predominantly paper, cartons, and wood. Hazardous materials include infectious waste, expired pharmaceuticals, expired pens, and combustible solvents.

We understand the complexities of treating and disposing of these materials, and we deliver seamless, convenient solutions that protect patients, workers, and the environment. In the process, were helping to minimize waste and reduce costs to our clients.