Facility Compliance Assessments

medical waste disposal services compliance

USAFIPLUS® Waste Disposal Services is available on request to conduct facility assessments for its clients. These assessments range from brief facility walk-throughs with results summarized in a letter report, to extensive multi-facility in-depth assessments.

The objective of the facility assessment is much the same as an environmental assessment - to identify and evaluate potential environmental and financial liabilities. Facility assessments identify equipment, systems, or operating procedures that need to be upgraded to maintain compliance. Secondary objectives may include increasing operating efficiency and reducing waste disposal and operating costs. The facility assessment typically involves:

  • A site visit to observe facility operations, including practices and operational procedures, and to identify areas where the facility is or is not in compliance
  • Identification of applicable national and local environmental regulations and permit requirements
  • Review of information on waste collection, storage, and disposal practices, and regulatory agency correspondence
  • Preparation of a report that includes an assessment of compliance status, options to enhance compliance and associated costs.