Proficient Service


At USAFIPLUS Waste Disposal Services we believe collaboration is the cornerstone of every successful and sustainability business. Working with you, we will help define; design and implement an environmental road map that moves you beyond operational efficiencies and into innovative solutions and systems that deliver measurable and lasting results. Whatever your industry and whatever your size, we have the expertise, experience and passion to bring your sustainability goals to a heightened level of achievement.

USAFIPLUS Waste Disposal Services supports the “Going Green” initiative by maintaining an integrated, innovative approach to Waste Management and Disposal Services through process technological innovations that focuses on the key issues of sustainability, environment and safety. We can work with our clients to design and implement a waste program that ensures that the client’s organization has the programs and solutions required to help reduce total waste disposal costs and minimize the impact on the environment. We are here to help you think beyond waste and recycling programs to a holistic approach addressing your organization's sustainability needs.

Our services range from provision of transportation of hazardous waste, waste bins and hazardous waste bags, waste incineration, recycling and disposal, Environmental Impact and Audits (EIA/EA), Risk Assessments, Occupational Health and Safety inspections, Compliance preparation, written programs, and assistance in complying with these regulations. We also offer Training and Consultancies on Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Laboratory Workplace Safety and Industrial Hygiene.